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Due to the ongoing spread of the Covid-19 virus, we regret to announce the postponement until further notice of all remaining SPE Copenhagen section events and Newsletters for the 2019-2020 season.

In case the situation changes another announcement will be made. Please stay updated via the SPE-CPH website, our Linkedin account and SPE CPH section email communications.

The 2020-2021 season is expected to resume again after summer, provided industry sponsors continue to fund the section.

We trust we can rely on your understanding in this matter.

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 OCT 22. 2019 Main Speak After Dinner speak
 TOPIC Improving Danish Oil and Gas Production. Digitalization and optimization in the upstream Industry Sustainable view of the future Energy Balance of Denmark
 SPEAKER Morten Jeppesen & John Bagterp Jørgensen Ali Eftekhari
 LOCATION DTU (Building 116, auditorium 83) DTU (Building 101, canteen)
 NOV 19. 2019 Main Speak After Dinner speak
 TOPIC The Energy Transition and DCS – still room for E&P? Noreco: Making a difference
 DEC 3. 2019 Main Speak After Dinner speak
 TOPIC Engineerd Well Design; From Spud to Adandonment Pioneering the Deployment of Low Emission Technology on the first Hybrid Drilling Rig
 SPEAKER Hussain Rabia (SPE DL) Mikkel Søndergaard Pedersen (Maersk Drilling)
 LOCATION Maersk Drilling
 SPONSOR Maersk Drilling
 JAN 23. 2020 Special Event  
 TOPIC  – “Digitalization within E&P: from promise to performance” PetroBowl quiz
 SPEAKER Guido vander Holt, DELFI Champion, Schlumberger
 LOCATION Schlumberger
 SPONSOR Schlumberger
 MAR  2020 Main Speak After Dinner speak
 MAY 2020 Main Speak After Dinner speak
 TOPIC Annual General Meeting
 TOPIC Summerparty

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