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Due to the rules about social distancing and maximum allowed people in confined spaces, we regret to announce that we cannot have any physical events until the restraints have been lifted. But we will have virtual meetings, so don’t cheat yourself… please join us. 


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 29 OCT 2020 Main Speak
 TOPIC (17:45 – 18:35) Carbon Capture and Storage Research at DTU CERE
  SPEAKER E.H. Stenby & P.L. Fosbøl
 TOPIC ( !8:35 – 19:00)
Control Room Assistant
Claus M. Myllerup
 11. NOV 2020 Main Speak
 TOPIC Big Data and Machine Learning in Reservoir Analysis
 SPEAKER Ronald N. Horne, SPE-DL Stanford University
 LOCATION Virtual meeting
 DEC  2020 Main Speak
 TOPIC Project Greensand, Carbon Storage

Jeanne Mia Lønstrup, Maersk Drilling

Johan Byskov Svendsen, INEOS Oil & Gas, Denmark

 LOCATION Virtual Meeting
 JAN  2021 Special Event
 11 FEB 2021 Main Speak
 TOPIC Using Scenario Planning for Decision making in the Energy Industry
 SPEAKER Henk Krijnen, SPE DL
 APR 2021 Main speak
 MAY 2021 Main Speak

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